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"oh just wait until you found yourself a nice boy, you will want kids then."


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Dog society is incredible

brotogenic & 1o17 look!

I would go to the pool more often if instead of screaming kids there were dogs everywhere

this is my 7000th post on this blog and it’s perfect


why scarlett johansson is terrible



so not only does scarlett johansson support israel, but she also supports woody allen and called dylan farrow “irresponsible” for coming forward with her story of her molestation.

literally trash


me: stop being racist please

family:  listen… liberal hippie trash ….u dont know anything abotu the world….






you’d think at 32 years old ryan gosling would be ryan goose by now


i feel so fucking sick right now

brandon called me an hour ago crying saying that his car had caught on fire because he had picked up some rags he found laying on the ground and thrown them in his passenger seat and apparently they were burned/burning but he didn’t know so his whole car fucking…

update: everyone is okay. the car is totaled and he only had liability insurance on it so he wont be able to afford a new one. :(

The apartment was only superficially damaged on the exterior. All the vinyl paneling had to be ripped down off the front because it melted from the heat, and two window panes were broken. We are waiting to hear whether the landlord has insurance that will cover it or if we will have to pay out of pocket for repairs. Luckily it didn’t damage the actual structure. 

There is melted car and ash and glass all over the parking lot. they towed his car away before i got home so i didn’t get to see the wreckage. we lost a couple of things in the car (my skyrim and assassins creed discs and my fav high heels) but that can all be replaced in time.

my dog is apparently permanently scared because he has been hiding in the corner under a table since last night except to potty and eat.

all the neighbors surrounding have been rude and like standing outside gossiping loudly while i’m sitting inside listening to them. none of them have asked if we were okay or if they could help in any way, I guess our troubles are their amusement. 

it could have been soo soo much worse. Like if he had just gone to sleep instead of going back outside at 1 am to go to a friends’ house, which is when he saw the fire. It could have burnt the whole building down. It freaks me out so much to think about. I can’t believe I wasn’t there to witness it. I’m so glad he and Zep and the upstairs neighbors are all okay. it’s just going to be stressful figuring out how to deal with everything that comes next.

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Vegan and SO GOOD. #vegan #veganfood #whatveganseat

Vegan and SO GOOD. #vegan #veganfood #whatveganseat

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i feel so fucking sick right now

brandon called me an hour ago crying saying that his car had caught on fire because he had picked up some rags he found laying on the ground and thrown them in his passenger seat and apparently they were burned/burning but he didn’t know so his whole car fucking burnt up and it was parked right in front of our apartment so the front of the building was damaged also and the neighbors car that was parked next to it. 

and the police and firefighters came and put out the fire and everyone in the apartment complex was outside staring at him but no one tried to calm him down so he was freaking the fuck out. no one was hurt luckily since he couldn’t get in contact with the upstairs neighbors and didn’t know if they were there sleeping. 

now the police and firemen are questioning him bc they don’t believe his story about why/how the fire started. AND IM FUCKING STUCK AT WORK. I went to work at 11pm and don’t get off til 7am!! so he’s all by himself with my dog dealing with all this shit and i don’t even get home til 7 o’clock in the fucking morning to see the damage or try to calm him and my dog down. no one would answer their phones and my manager is out of town and I’m the only one here so I can’t fucking leave. 

ugh i am shaking and feel like throwing up i can’t believe i have to sit here for 4 more hours. 

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Here’s your daily dose of my cute dog. #pits #pitbulls #staffies #dogs

Here’s your daily dose of my cute dog. #pits #pitbulls #staffies #dogs

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Hooray! It’s time once again to visit the Duck Fashion Show, where haute couture meets sassy waterfowl models. For the past 30 years Australian farmer Brian Harrington has been dressing up and showing off his Famous Ducks at the Fashionable Ducks Show, held during Sydney’s annual Royal Easter Show. Harrington works with a professional dressmaker who individually styles each duck in an impressively elaborate costume. The outfits range from day and evening wear, in both modern and period styles, to fancy bridal wear. Each year the beautifully dressed-up ducks waddle parade along a duck-sized runway before an enthusiastic crowd that numbers in the hundreds.

Visit Brian Harrington’s website to learn more about his fabulous Famous Ducks.

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omg no way